About us

About us

STISS – Swiss Technology Inside Smart Sapphire

STISS Ltd sells via this webstore various models of traditional brand watches with our AUGMENTED GLASS made of sapphire offering exclusive contactless payment functionality.

The integration of electronic modules in watch glasses is a patented solution of the sister company Winwatch IP Ltd.

AUGMENTED GLASS was developed by STISS Ltd in collaboration with outstanding technology partners to perfectly feature traditional and luxury metal watches with unique contactless payment functionality.

STISS Ltd, under Winwatch IP Ltd license, with its unique technical knowhow and years of experience, offers AUGMENTED GLASS as watch hardware contactless component (the formfactor) to feature traditional metal watches with exclusive contactless technology.

Swiss made


Powered by a highly secure Infineon SECORA PAY™ microcontroller


Welcomed worldwide where contactless payments are accepted

No battery

Sustainable & battery-free

➽ The sapphire glass – It’s perfect!

Sapphire is the 2nd hardest material after diamond. It is scratch resistant and therefore used in most outstanding timeless watches. Sapphire is the top choice.
➽ The technology inside the glass

The whole payment technology is sealed inside the sapphire glass. The chip is protected by a notch and the antenna is hidden by a silver coating around the rim and the chamfer.
➽ The design for every watch

Looks great on any analog watch dial. Moreover, the «hovering» notch clearly shows up that the watch owns that exclusive payment feature. A patented solution to circumvent the effects of the Faraday cage.

Ready for the new contactless payment experience with STISS