Paying with your watch works in the same way as if you pay contactless with your Mastercard. Your payment data is encrypted and transmitted contactlessly to the contactless reader in the payment terminal with the help of NFC technology. This then sends the payment over the Mastercard network to your card issuer or bank for verification. It works worldwide and everywhere where Mastercard contactless is already accepted.

For this you need a Mastercard debit or credit card with which your watch can be linked for contactless payment.

In addition, either the Manage-Mii app from Digiseq or the app of your participating bank or your credit card issuer is required to be able to activate the watch.

You can find out more about how to activate the watch directly from your bank or credit card issuer and in the enclosed documents you will receive with your watch.

After you have received your ordered watch, it can be activated in your Manage-Mii or bank app with the activation code and the exact procedure enclosed in the shipping package .

Only then can it be used for contactless payment.

Don’t worry. In the case your package should be lost during the transport to you, there can be no data misuse by third parties.

At reception, you have a total of 30 days from the date on which you have successfully registered the watch in our webstore to activate your watch, otherwise the Mastercard payment token will be cancelled for security reasons.

Yes they are. All contactless payments with our STISS payment watches are as secure as if you pay contactless with your Mastercard card. These payment watches are supported by your bank and your card issuer. Digiseq with its Manage-Mii platform is one of the few certified digital enablers from Mastercard alongside Apple and Paypal. Together with Mastercard, they enabled the world’s first tokenized payment service for passive wearables. Passive wearables are like credit cards, they don’t need an energy source. Our payment chips are provided by Infineon Technologies, SECORA™ security solutions. Mastercard’s MDES technology replaces your card number with an alternative number, a so-called token, and stores this token in encrypted form on your watch. Since each token is only created for a specific watch, this information cannot be used on any other device. This prevents the fraudulent use of your card data. Your transaction data will not be transmitted or stored. Every payment is dynamically encrypted. All transaction data remain confidential and secure because your card details are not transmitted to the merchant.

You are not required to enter your PIN code with small amounts. The limits are set differently according to the country. For example, in the Euro zone the limit was € 25.–, but since April 1st 2020 it was adapted to € 50.– depending on different countries. Ask your bank or credit card issuer for more details.

Your data security is very important to us. Winwatch does not have access to your bank card details or your payment transactions. Your data is protected by Mastercard’s highest security standards.
Winwatch Trade only uses name, telephone number and delivery address so that a safe and successful delivery can be guaranteed.
Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms and conditions of sales.

Account / card information

The process of connecting your watch to your bank card runs via the Mastercard-certified Manage-Mii platform and your bank or card issuer and is equipped with the highest security regulations and certifications.
Winwatch Trade has no access to any activity on your watch or your card and account information. The payment processes run exclusively through your bank or card issuer.


By placing the face of the watch glass near the center of the contactless symbol (up to 2 cm) from the sales terminal (POS), the payment transaction is directly started. Therefore, move your wrist so that the watch glass points directly to the terminal’s contactless payment symbol.

When you hold the watch up to the terminal, it is usually read. A green light illuminates on the terminal within a second and an acoustic signal sounds. As soon as this is the case, the payment data has been successfully read by the terminal. This green light merely shows that the data has been successfully transmitted to the terminal. Whether the transaction is concluded or it is necessary to enter a PIN code, must be read on the terminal. The basic rule is to always follow the terminal’s instructions.

In that case it is your responsability to block (freeze) the watch inside your app. Instantly no more payment could be made with that watch. If later you find your watch again you can unfreeze it and it’s ready for payment. For more information, please also visit your bank’s or credit card issuer’s website.

Tokenization is the replacement of a consumer’s PAN (personal account number on the card) with an alternate number, reducing the risk of fraud. Digitization is the process that delivers tokenized card credentials to mobile devices or servers for secure digital payments. MDES (Mastercard Digital Enablement Services) is the Mastercard suite of services that offers tokenization and digitization, replacing card numbers with tokens and placing these into digital environments, such as NFC wallets, wearables or secure servers (source Mastercard).

The contactless symbol is in use around the world as a universally recognised mark on contactless payment cards, applications and other form factors – tens of millions of consumers are familiar with touching a contactless card displaying the Indicator, to payment terminals branded with it and used by the payments community to signpost the availability of contactless payment in store.

The adoption of contactless payments is rising; 61% of all European in-store transactions are contactless, an increase of 23% since early 2018. The acceptance of contactless payments in retail stores also increased greatly from 42% to 70% in the same period. This strong acceptance and adoption paves the way for payments via wearables (source Mastercard).

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