How it works


1. Choose and link your watch with your Mastercard card

Put the watch you have chosen in the shopping cart and click the «Link» button. You will be directed to Digiseq’s secure Manage-Mii platform to create your Manage-Mii account and link your card to the watch. To do this, enter your email address that should be used. Enter the card details so that the watch can be personalized with a Mastercard token. A «Success!»* Message appears! You will receive a confirmation email.

* You can also visit your bank’s website for specific details and information.


2. Buy your watch

Go back to the shopping cart and click on the «Proceed to checkout» button to complete the ordering process and purchase.

The watch will be delivered to you.

In the meantime, download the Manage-Mii app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store in order to activate your watch later when you receive it.

Please activate the watch within 14 days, otherwise the Mastercard token will be canceled for security reasons.


3. Activate your watch

Once you receive your watch, follow the instructions that were added to the watch package.

To activate it, open the Manage-Mii app and follow the in-app instructions. Depending on your bank or card issuer, you may be given one or more of the following options to activate your watch:

Bank app or website

You will be taken to your banking app or website to activate your watch.


Enter the code sent to the phone number registered with your bank in the Manage-Mii app.


Enter the code that was sent to the email address registered with your bank in the Manage-Mii app.

Phone call

You will be instructed to make a call to your bank. Bank details may be displayed in the Manage-Mii app.

Ready to pay.

You can pay immediately with your watch wherever Mastercard contactless is accepted!

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