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A STISS augmented watch for everyone’s choice

Our mission

We are a provider of NFC solutions implemented in a sapphire crystal of a traditional watch. We offer all watch brands the possibility to equip their models with our STISS glasses in order to offer various digital solutions, such as contactless payment, access, transport or authentication via blockchain.

Our principles of innovation

We believe that combining technological breakthroughs with sustainability is a necessary criterion. All our products and projects highlight the possibility of integrating sustainable technology for the benefit of users.

Our expertise lies in the miniaturization process which offers a discreet and non-intrusive technology. It preserves the original use of the product and safeguards manufacturing traditions allowing brands to meet the challenge of digitization.

We are convinced that technological developments offer endless possibilities for innovation. We have been active in this field for almost ten years and have seen how technological developments often create new possibilities.

We are tasked with bringing digital possibilities to a traditional product. Our challenge is to associate the reading of time with this new digital era, which leads to greater brand awareness.

Customer trust and satisfaction go hand in hand with the quality of custom-made sapphire glasses. Precision is key to minimizing the visual impact of technology while maximizing digital opportunities for new developments.

Origin of know-how

The specifics of the modifications made to the NFC chips used or the specifics of the antenna fully integrated into the sapphire crystal are either patented or kept secret.

Where are we located?

STISS is located in Sion (Switzerland), in the heart of the Valais Alps. Our offices, our research laboratory and our assembly site are grouped together in the same building. We have occupied these premises for 4 years now. The decision to centralize our activities guarantees effective communication between the parties and creates flexibility in the organization of work.

Who are we?

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All our sapphire crystals are equipped with NFC technology.