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New digital services now accessible to your end customers with this sapphire glass.

The specificities of AUGMENTED GLASS

Pay contactless thanks to our Mastercard certification

AUGMENTED GLASS is based on a global payment ecosystem.

Other services are under development

NFC module

It consists of an Infineon SECORA Pay microprocessor and an antenna.

Independent NFC module

A passive electronic module that works without an own energy source.


The notch hides the integrated microprocessor in the sapphire glass.

Contactless payment symbol

The inscription of this distinctive symbol is recommended according to the criteria given by Mastercard.

Top coating

It covers the perimeter of the glass at 355 degrees to a thickness of 0.8mm.

Top cover color

The standard color is defined as “silver”.

Bottom coating

It covers the perimeter of the glass at 360 degrees to a thickness of 0.8mm.

Bottom cover color

We provide a black standard for this non-visible part.


Frequently asked questions

Currently, the diameter is between 30.5mm and 40mm.

Today, the minimum thickness of an AUGMENTED GLASS is 3.2mm.

Round, square or rectangle glasses can be made to measure.

Flat, curved or double-curved glasses are possible finishes.

Anti-reflective treatment on one side or two sides are existing options.

AUGMENTED GLASS is guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

Paying with a watch works the same way as paying contactless with your Mastercard. Payment data is encrypted and transmitted to the contactless reader of the payment terminal using NFC technology. It works worldwide wherever Mastercard contactless is already accepted.

Yes, they are. All contactless payments with our payment watches are as secure as paying contactless with your Mastercard.

Data sheet

All the technical characteristics of the Infineon Secora Pay NFC microprocessor integrated into our AUGMENTED GLASS are specified in the document available for download.

Technical partners


Digitization compatible with blockchain/NFT protocols


Secure connection for users