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Chapitre 4.1

A custom-made double domed ID GLASS is integrated into Chapter 4.1, a watch with a tourbillon movement.

This dynamic young brand has created the convergence of art and technology, combining one of the most prestigious horological complications, the tourbillon, with a technological feat, the very first NFC connected glass in the history of watchmaking, pushing the boundaries of customer service even further.

« In addition to this unprecedented technology, BA111OD is the first watchmaker to use the NFC function with the desire to put the customer at the center. »

Chapitre 4.2 Lily

A custom-made, double-doomed ID GLASS is integrated into the Chapter 4.2 Lily, a ladies’ watch in rose gold with a tourbillon movement.

A feminine and elegant watch designed in 4N rose gold and featuring natural diamonds. This model combines these delicate elements with a tourbillon movement and an ID GLASS integrating NFC to this timeless model.


An ID GLASS produced in collaboration with the brand to ensure traceability and transparency by certifying the origin of the components.